Bashevkin: Women, Power, Politics

Women, Power, Politics

The Hidden Story of Canada¡¦s Unfinished Democracy


Women¡¦s participation in politics matters very much.

Yet in Canada, women¡¦s representation in politics seems decidedly stalled. We hear little about issues of particular interest to women ¡V breast cancer, violence against women, the poverty of single mothers.


In this engaging, no-nonsense, and witty book, Sylvia Bashevkin argues that Canadians have a profound unease with women in positions of political authority ¡V what she calls the ¡§women plus power equals discomfort¡¨ equation. She explores why this discomfort is often so extreme in Canada. Bashevkin also evaluates a range of barriers faced by women who enter politics, including the media¡¦s role in assessing the leadership styles, personal appearances, and private lives of women politicians. In clear, accessible terms, Bashevkin explains concepts such as ¡§gender schemas¡¨ and ¡§media framing¡¨ with key examples, including Belinda Stronach and Hillary Clinton.


Finally, Bashevkin outlines some compelling solutions to address the stalemate facing women in Canadian politics.

Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0195431707
ISBN-13: 978-0195431704